Aligned SDGs Targets


NTU campus provides several forms of public transport that will meet the needs of motor vehicles and bicycles both on and off campus. To reduce carbon emissions, NTU has gradually replaced its traditional business vehicles with green cars and scooters. Easy Cards are also provided for short-distance business travels. Charging stations have been installed on campus for electric vehicles to encourage the faculty and students to use green transportation with lower energy consumption. There are motor vehicle charging stations, battery exchange stations, 24-hour self-service car and scooter rental, car sharing service, and bicycle-sharing service.

The EV100 is the most well-known international initiative on electric vehicles, and NTU also aims to promote the mainstreaming of electric vehicles by 2030.


Green Business Vehicles

In 2020, the first Tesla V3 Superchargers in Taiwan were installed in NTU; a GOGORO smart charging station, a scalable battery swapping network, was also installed so that EV users can charge their vehicles easily.


The number of times the charging pile is used

average every month


1120 times/month

Between:2022/1 - 2022/12

Green energy official vehicles

By 2021


18.18 %


Optimizing Bicycle Management and Public Transport

To reducing privately-owned bicycles on campus and promote the idea of shared mobility, NTU worked with Taipei City’s Department of Transportation and YouBike Company in “YouBike 2.0 Upgrade Project” and installed 123 YouBike 2.0 stations on campus and in the vicinity of NTU. Students will get NT$100 back when the fees are accumulated to NT$500 as an incentive to use public transport.


YouBike 2.0 Upgrade Project

students applied for the pilot subsidy project of YouBike 2.0 users in AY 2021-2022

6154 students