Aligned SDGs Targets

Digital monitoring system

Beginning in 2018, NTU gradually replaced the traditional water meters with digital meters. In 2019, a digital monitoring system was installed to enhance the monitoring of water consumption on campus and minimize the waste of water. The meter readings are checked every month and the campus is patrolled regularly for water leakage, which will be detected and repaired in time.



In 2021, upgrade projects were completed in campus buildings

154 projects


Water Consumption in the last 3 years

As most of the campus water supply pipelines have been upgraded and fitted with water-saving devices, together with the constant promotion of resource conservation that changed people’s habit of water usage.


Water Management Measures

  • Rooftop rainwater and swimming pool water is channeled into the Drunken Moon Lake.
  • Water from lakes and raft foundations is channeled into the ecological pond or used for irrigation at the farm or for landscaping.
  • New buildings have rainwater recycling systems to collect rainwater for flushing the toilet and watering the plants.
  • Rain gardens are built along roadside planted areas, where surface runoff is absorbed by soil, increasing water retention capacity.


Diagram of the rainwater recycling system in Lixian Hall.

Permeable aquifers are built in planted areas along both sides of the Mahogany Avenue.


Transform Historic Canal into Pleasant Water Landscape

Taipei City worked with NTU to rediscover the waterway image along Xinsheng South Road Section 3. NTU pulled down part of the campus wall and offered a piece of land to restore a pleasant water landscape in an urban environment with waterway as the core image of design.

The parking space for scooters and bicycles were remodeled into pedestrian-only space in a green and sustainable way. Besides permeable pavement, lots of shrubs and ground cover plants are grown in this new space. Based on the image of an agricultural waterway, this beautiful canal can also retain floodwater. It really has reshaped the relationship between human, space, and life.