Organizational Rules and Chart

Organizational Rules and Chart

Organizational Rules



NTU Regulations for the Establishment of the Sustainable Development Promotion Committee
NTU Directives for the Establishment of the Office of Sustainability

Organizational Chart

  • Sustainable Development Advisory Committee:
    Offering advice and guidance for NTU’s sustainable development action plans.
  • Sustainable Development Promotion Committee:
    Consisting of 15 members, including NTU’s administrative executives and professors from relevant fields. Chaired by the president of NTU, this committee reviews and supervises the university’s strategies in promoting sustainable development as well as assesses the results of action plans.
  • Office of Sustainability:
    Headed by NTU’s Secretary General, the Office of Sustainability has two divisions: Environmental Governance and Social Responsibility. The Office’s tasks are two-fold. Internally, it coordinates work between administrative and academic units and formulates and promotes sustainability development action plans. Externally, it helps with participation in social sustainability and extend positive influence.
  • Sustainable Development Working Teams:
    Cooperating with people from various disciplines, offices, and units in accordance with promotion strategies. Implementing sustainable development action plans together with the Office of Sustainability.