NTU aims to build a stronger connection between sustainability and extra curriculum activities, encouraging students to contribute to campus sustainable governance from a bottom-up approach. The Office of Sustainability establish communication channel to engage with all stakeholders in campus to enhance capacity on sustainable affairs.


Student clubs

Every year, there are more than 400 student clubs active both on and off campus. There are 88 sustainability-related clubs on campus. They cover various sustainability issues such as social services, healthcare, gender, the natural environment, climate change, education, and the rights of the underprivileged. Club activities are fully organized by students, and show the ability and international vision of our students as they prepare to lead for the future.



sustainability-related clubs



Disinvested from high-pollution and high-emission industries

With the joint efforts of NTU Student Association’s Department of Sustainability, Climate Action Club, and Office of Financial Affairs, NTU Endowment Fund disinvested from high-pollution and high-emission industries, making NTU the very first university in Asia to have done so. NTU will continue to promote sustainable investment by investing in companies and funds with excellent sustainability performance.


Social Care and Services


Sustainability Promotion