Governance and Education

Governance and Education

NTU has the most comprehensive teaching and research capabilities and the highest international visibility among universities in Taiwan. It is only natural that NTU upholds “sustainable development” as its core value. Expertise of the teachers and students is combined with an interdisciplinary and systematic perspective to create a sustainable campus. NTU also regularly publishes USR reports to make a difference for sustainability of the local and international communities.


Governance Structure

Diversified Recruitment & Student Counseling


In order to help the disadvantaged students and create “more hopes,” NTU has launched “Hope Admission Program” for financially and culturally disadvantaged students. Besides multiple admission programs, NTU also provides “Dream Field Comprehensive Support Program,” “Hope Stipends,” “Hope Scholarship,” and allowances among other financial support programs that help relieve the financial burden on underprivileged students and create a more level playing field for all.


Dream Field Comprehensive Support Program


This Program conforms to
Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)


Faculty and Staff Holistic Care Servic


In 2021, NTU launched “NTU Faculty and Staff Holistic Care Service” The program includes diverse counseling, lectures and workshops, experience activities, health examinations, among others.

NTU Faculty and Staff Holistic Care Service


Our Academic & Research Influence

In recent years, with the rise of issues such as climate change, environmental protection, and social responsibility, we have leveraged our extensive teaching resources in a wide range of disciplines to create opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning around emerging sustainability challenges. NTU will continue to integrate cross-disciplinary resources and train students with thinking and abilities in sustainability to address global challenges.